Business Continuity Planning

on Thursday 16 April / by Ingham Mora

It is essential that every business has a plan for dealing with the fallout from this pandemic.  A plan will give you peace of mind and clarity for decision-making for the future of your business, and ensure you access Government support entitlements and maximise opportunities to preserve your cashflow and profitability. 

Some ways we can support you are:

  1. We can set aside 2 hours to create your Business Continuity Plan online with you.
  2. You can draft the Plan before meeting with us online for 60-minutes to finalise it.
  3. You can use the Guide and Template to create the Plan yourself.

We want to help you weather the storm, and the best way to do that, is to put in place a plan.

To help you do that, please download this free guide and template.

Business Continuity Planning Guide

Business Continuity Planning Template - PDF Version (should you require a word version, please email

Should you need further assistance, please contact us on 07 927 1200.