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on 31-Jan-2019 / by Grant Neagle

Loss ring-fencing to apply from 1 April

The IRD estimates that approximately 40 percent of taxpayers with residential rental properties make tax losses, and the average annual tax benefit to...


on 29-Nov-2018 / by Grant Neagle

GST on low-value imported goods confirmed

Under recently announced changes to GST on low-value imported goods, offshore suppliers will now have to collect and return New Zealand GST on goods v...

on 16-Nov-2018 / by Tom Beswick

Is it time to get rid of your Trust?

Do I even need my Trust anymore? This is a question that comes up regularly with my clients. Sometimes the answer is - no you don't....


on 29-Oct-2018 / by Tom Beswick

3 Ways to Sell your Business for More

One thing I see from time to time when a client decides to sell their business is a surprised look when I tell them that sadly no, you won’t be sellin...


on 21-Sep-2018 / by Grant Neagle

Payday filing on its way

From 1 April 2019 employers will be required to file their employees’ payroll information with Inland Revenue in respect of every payday....


on 06-Sep-2018 / by Grant Neagle

Tax enhancements on the way

A new Bill introduced into Parliament proposes to make tax easier and simpler for individuals as well as including a raft of business-friendly changes...


on 06-Sep-2018 / by Grant Neagle

Taxing Forestry Investment Income

For those who have investments in forestry, it’s timely to consider the legitimate opportunities available to manage your tax bill when the harvest in...


on 22-Aug-2018 / by Tom Beswick

The Secret to Paying No Tax

Shhh. Keep it down. I don't want everyone to know. I’ll just tell you if you can keep it to yourself. There's a sure fire way to pay next to no tax an...


on 29 October 2019 / by Tom Beswick

FAQ when buying a business

4 questions people commonly ask me when they buy a business. What is the business worth? What should I buy - the company or the assets? Why does it ...
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