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Transitional Tax Residency Rule


on Monday 6 March 2023 / by Gracy Qian

Transitional Tax Residency Rule

Have you made the move to New Zealand and not sure how the New Zealand tax laws apply to your overseas financial assets and investments? Check out thi...
Open for Business

Tax | Business

on 1 February 2023 / by Alice Scapens

Top Tips if you're New to Business

Have you started a new business? Do you know your tax requirements? Thought about GST? What about ACC? Here are some key requirements to be aware of i...
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on 28 April 2022 / by Jen Ruffley

Trust Overview Webinar

Ingham Mora's Trust Manager, Jen Ruffley hosted a webinar on Trust Overview for 2022....
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on 18 March 2022 / by Tom Beswick

Know Your Numbers Webinar

You don’t have to be an accountant or bookkeeper to understand your numbers, just as you don’t have to be a mechanic to drive a car. Having an overal...
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on 24 August 2021 / by Tom Beswick

Provisional Tax and GST

Three times a year the stars align for taxes and for many businesses two of them are due on the same day. The first payment of provisional tax and GST...
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on 16 February 2021 / by Tom Beswick

Vehicle questions that frequently arise

I tend to spend a good deal of time talking about vehicles. Similar questions come up all the time – I want to get a new business vehicle, what is the...
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Bank funding


on 16 September 2020 / by Tom Beswick

What you need to do to get bank funding

In order to get funding from banks to buy a business, there are three key areas that come into it: the equity you will put in and the deal structure y...
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on 15 June 2020 / by Tom Beswick

Buying Tips For Uncertain Times

Sometimes the best way to talk about how to do something well is to start with how not to do it. Here are a few thoughts on the common mistakes I see ...
Good opportunities likely to come up but tread carefully
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on Tuesday 12 May / by Tom Beswick

Buying a business in uncertain times

‘Buy on the sound of cannons, sell on the sound of trumpets.’ This is a quote that is often used in relation to the stock market. It means that savvy ...
Tell em hes dreaming


on Friday 17 April / by Tom Beswick

Tell em he's dreaming

What does buying a business have to do with the timeless line 'tell em he's dreaming' from the 1997 Australian movie, The Castle?...
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on Thursday 16 April / by Ingham Mora

Business Continuity Planning

It is essential that every business has a plan for dealing with the fallout from this pandemic.  A plan will give you peace of mind and clarity for d...
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on Tuesday 31 March 2020 / by Ingham Mora

Are you paying too much tax?

Paying tax is an unavoidable part of doing business. The more your income grows, the more tax you’re liable to pay. You’re rewarded for your success w...
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on Tuesday 24 March 2020 / by Ingham Mora

Questions on GST? We can help

Questions on GST for your small business? If your turnover was more than $60,000 over the past 12 months, or you expect it to be in the next 12, you m...
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on Thursday 19 March 2020 / by Ingham Mora

Understanding Your Statement of Cash Flows

The statement of cash flows, (also known as the cash flow statement), shows how your business has generated and used cash (and cash equivalents) withi...


on Tuesday 17 March 2020 / by Ingham Mora

R&D Tax Incentive for NZ businesses

The NZ Government’s R&D Tax Incentive aims to raise spending on research and development to 2% of GDP by 2027 in order to contribute to a stronger eco...
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on Thursday 12 March 2020 / by Ingham Mora

Common GST errors will impact your business

Most GST errors are unintentional. Even so, they can have a big impact on your business as they may result in you paying too much, or not enough, GST....
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on 20 February 2020 / by Ingham Mora

How to say no if you're a yes person!

According to Paul Graham, “We’ll increasingly be defined by what we say no to”. Being clear on your #Vision, #Goals and priorities makes it much easie...
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Fancy a piece of the pie


on 10 February 2020 / by Tom Beswick

Fancy a piece of the pie?

Want a piece of the pie? I am seeing more businesses that are considering offering key employees a slice of the business. From the perspective of the...
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on 4 February 2020 / by Ingham Mora

Marketing is strategy and consistency

Marketing is all about making a connection with people looking for solutions. And now that we (mostly) control most of the channels we advertise throu...
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Ingham News

on 4 February 2020 / by Ingham Mora

Free chat with coffee

Still on the fence about choosing us as your accountant? Come meet with us for a free chat and coffee. We can discuss your goals and any challenges yo...
Minimise the risk


on 13 January 2020 / by Tom Beswick

Minimise the risk

For many people buying a business is likely to be the riskiest thing they do in their life. There can be great rewards (not all just financial), but a...
Business for sale


on 20 December 2019 / by Tom Beswick

One way to sell your business for more

Quite often when a vendor goes to sell a business they have had enough and want it sold in short order. The vendor assistance period (if any) is often...


on 29 October 2019 / by Tom Beswick

FAQ when buying a business

4 questions people commonly ask me when they buy a business. What is the business worth? What should I buy - the company or the assets? Why does it ...
Businesses valued on profits to a working owner
Has anyone been cooking the books


on 28 August 2019 / by Tom Beswick

Has anyone been cooking the books?

Part of buying a business involves dissecting what the financial figures the business broker provides are telling you. It is important to understand w...
Buying a business three traps to avoid in the first year
Ensure your accountant can weather the storms
Provisional tax is there a better way


on 4 June 2019 / by Tom Beswick

Provisional tax - is there a better way?

You might have seen some emails about the AIM system from IRD over the last year. Basically, it is a way to pay provisional taxes differently to the s...


on 22-Aug-2018 / by Tom Beswick

The Secret to Paying No Tax

Shhh. Keep it down. I don't want everyone to know. I’ll just tell you if you can keep it to yourself. There's a sure fire way to pay next to no tax an...


on 06-Sep-2018 / by Grant Neagle

Taxing Forestry Investment Income

For those who have investments in forestry, it’s timely to consider the legitimate opportunities available to manage your tax bill when the harvest in...


on 06-Sep-2018 / by Grant Neagle

Tax enhancements on the way

A new Bill introduced into Parliament proposes to make tax easier and simpler for individuals as well as including a raft of business-friendly changes...


on 21-Sep-2018 / by Grant Neagle

Payday filing on its way

From 1 April 2019 employers will be required to file their employees’ payroll information with Inland Revenue in respect of every payday....


on 29-Oct-2018 / by Tom Beswick

3 Ways to Sell your Business for More

One thing I see from time to time when a client decides to sell their business is a surprised look when I tell them that sadly no, you won’t be sellin...


on 29-Nov-2018 / by Grant Neagle

GST on low-value imported goods confirmed

Under recently announced changes to GST on low-value imported goods, offshore suppliers will now have to collect and return New Zealand GST on goods v...


on 31-Jan-2019 / by Grant Neagle

Loss ring-fencing to apply from 1 April

The IRD estimates that approximately 40 percent of taxpayers with residential rental properties make tax losses, and the average annual tax benefit to...
The proactive accountant
Buying a business should I buy the shares or the assets
Leaky Business


on 25 June 2018 / by Tom Beswick

How to avoid buying a leaky business

Due diligence. DD. You've probably seen those words somewhere on an accountants' website. DD is to buying a business what inspecting the roof and mois...
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