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Hugh Morison

When Hugh Morison decided it was time to sell his business and start his retirement years, making sure he got the right advice on selling down his business and managing his investment portfolio would be the difference between a comfortable retirement and a challenging one. Seems the advice he got from Ingham Mora Director, Karen Domett, was bang on.


At 62 Hugh Morison decided it was time to sell his business and start what he describes as the third stage of his life. Hugh knew the sell down had to be well structured and it was a complicated process.

“It probably took about 18 months to transition out of my business full time into my retirement and I wanted to absolutely ensure that on arriving in my retirement years, I would have the income I needed to do what I wanted to do.”

Ingham Mora Director Karen Domett was very supportive in setting up a solid investment income stream to allow him and wife Alison to absolutely maximise their retirement.

“We’re in our mid 60’s and we want to have an active retirement before old age gets the better of us. Getting the right advice to support our lifestyle is really important. We needed to ensure we had the right funding streams to support our retirement goals. You just have to get that right.”


Today Hugh and Alison work on a Kiwifruit orchard in Katikati along with other investments.

Hugh says the crucial aspect for him and wife Alison has been in managing their investment portfolio wisely and ensuring there is robust diversity in their portfolio. The advice they’re received from Karen has been invaluable in supporting this approach.

“I’ve been with Ingham Mora about 10 years and I like that I can call Karen anytime and get solid advice. I’ve been investing in the share market for more than 16 years and I have a really good knowledge of a range of industries, but you can’t fault good advice. So once a year I sit down with Karen and I always have a number of investment questions to discuss and get her best advice on. It’s a great relationship.”


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Planning to Exit

Ingham Mora’s support makes HUGH’S LIFE THAT MUCH EASIER

Critical to Hugh’s approach to his investment portfolio is his steely eyed and proactive focus on maintaining a diverse portfolio to manage risk.

“It’s essential we position ourselves with a diverse portfolio of investments and be a little risk adverse, to manage market changes. I watched too many people put all their eggs in one basket and suffer the outcome when the market changes. Karen’s advice to support this approach is also good. It’s just really good financial advice that I can work with.”

Added to the investment advice is Ingham Mora’s support on GST which has relieved what Hugh describes as a whole lot of angst.

“I used to do all my own GST. Now Ingham Mora do it for me. I just pay them a monthly fee and they manage it for me. Every two months I know exactly where I am financially. It’s taken a lot of the angst out for me because Ingham Mora manage it so well. It just makes my life easier … and they’re good at that.”

“Ingham Mora manage my GST for me. It’s taken a lot of the angst out for me and made my life so much easier. They’re good at doing that!”


  • Great advice to support selling his business
  • Proactive advice
  • Managing his GST

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