Business & Income Tax Accounting Services

We minimise the tax you pay without the confusing jargon - just easy-to-follow advice and excellent results.

Tax is one of life’s two certainties, but even seemingly straightforward tax situations can be time-consuming and complicated. We understand that you don’t have time for all that paperwork, but we do! Let us take it off your hands. All you need to do is enjoy the tax savings.

With our full suite of tax services, we can take care of all of your tax compliance needs including GST, FBT, and tax returns as well as more complex matters like new regulations around residential investment properties including ring-fencing, bright line tests, and beyond.

Our timely and supportive team makes managing your tax easy all year round. So before you act and end up paying more than you need to, get in touch and find out how we can help you maximise your reductions and minimise the tax you pay.

Ways we can assist

  • Manage IRD audits, investigations, and arrangements.
  • Provide tax advice for new migrants and returning Kiwis.
  • Offer specialised tax advice for investments including rentals, shares, and interest on savings.
  • Minimise the impact of new rules and regulations on investment properties including ring-fencing and bright line tests.
  • Help with compliance and specialist tax advice for businesses, such as commercial transactions, land transactions, and structuring.

Other ways we can help

Our tax services extend beyond just compliance needs to include more challenging situations too, below are some of the ways we can help:

Tax Returns

We know our stuff when it comes to tax, so we can help you minimise the tax you pay while maximising your reductions. We can take care of your company, trust, partnership, individual returns and more.

GST Returns

GST giving you headaches? We will do all the administration, make sure you are on top of your payments, and keep the IRD from knocking. If you wish to do your own returns, we can review before you file. This is a great way to keep costs while removing the possibility of mistakes. Worry less about this and do more of what you love…like fishing.


PAYE can be very tricky and getting it wrong could cost you. We can take the filing arrangements off your hands and make life a little less stressful. We can support a number of Payroll systems including Smart Payroll, Xero Payroll, and others.


Do you know which ACC option you should choose? We can provide you with expert advice and take care of all your ACC matters including invoices, reviewing correctness of classifications, levels of cover, and whether you should be on Coverplus Extra. Talk to us to make your ACC admin easy.

FBT Returns

Fringe Benefit Tax. Is there any scarier a combination of three words? If you’re an awesome employer and treat your employees to special perks, we can simplify the process and take care of this for you. We help you work out the FBT impact of providing, for example, that work car, or paying for that health insurance, and will file your return online and advise you of any payments due.

Financial Structure Advice

Do you know if you need a company, Look Through Company (LTC), Partnership or Trust? We will make sure you are set up with the right structure and will give you the right advice because we know these like the back of our hand.

Financial Coaching

Do you struggle to understand all the jargon? You need to understand what the numbers mean to make good management decisions for your business, and we can help you with that! We will meet regularly to discuss your financial results and help you develop a process to produce and interpret your own financial reports on a monthly basis.

Cash-flow Forecasting and Budgeting

Preparing an annual budget and having a forecast prepared for what the budget will mean to your cash-flow is best practice in any business. It’s what our most successful clients do every year. Do you ever ask yourself when you’ll be able to get money out of the business? Or do you ask why the profit you make each year never seems to match to cash in the bank? Talk to us about what this means and how to get a better handle on the cash in your business.

In addition to helping you with preparing a cashflow forecast we have a Cash-flow Management service which is designed to help you improve your understanding of all things Cash so that you can maximise your cash-flow. It will allow you to predict large cash outflows and respond to changes in your business.

Specialist Tax Advice

Getting the right tax advice from day one means more money in your pocket long-term. Whether it's negotiating the terms and conditions of a business sale or purchase, or buying or selling a significant asset, we can maximise your tax position every step of the way. Great advice means less tax to pay – sound good?

Business Coaching

Monthly and quarterly meetings with our tax and accounting experts give you the tools to grab the bull by the horns and make better business decisions. Grow your business, increase cash flow, and free up your time.

Business Planning

Gain clarity over your business's future with our business planning services. Together we will review your past performance and set solid, realistic goals with strategies to achieve them.

Advice on buying or selling a business

Get the right advice to make informed decisions before buying or selling a business. We'll explain what your business is worth and what you need to be aware of in the transaction process.