The Basics

Here it is, the ‘admin’ you would rather not do, but needs to be done. Our team can help you keep on top of the paper work and keep IRD from knocking. You might not enjoy doing it, but we do so pile it on, we find it fun! The less time you spend with your head in the books, the more time you’ll have for the things you love.

  • Financial Statement Preparation
    • We can prepare these efficiently and at any time during the year. We make sure the information contained in the financial statements is useful and meaningful to you. Plus, we can talk you through them without speaking ‘accountanese’. It’s important you understand what your financial statements are telling you and we like to meet with you each year to help you learn more.

  • Tax Returns
    • We know our stuff when it comes to tax and can help ensure you maximise your tax position. We can take care of your company, trust, partnership, individual returns and more.

  • GST Returns
    • Let us handle your GST. We will do all the administration, make sure you are on top of your payments and keep the IRD from knocking. For those who wish to do their own returns, we can review before you file. This is a great way to keep cost down but leaves no room for mistakes. Worry less about this and do more of what you love… like fishing.

  • Tax Planning
    • We love surprises like cake in the staff room, but not the surprise of tax to pay. We will give you plenty of warning and time to plan for any upcoming tax payments so there are no unwanted surprises.

      But there is much more to tax planning than eliminating the surprises – it’s is also about planning to pay less total tax through getting your business and personal structure right. We make sure no hard-earned profit is left on the tax man’s table.

  • Payroll
    • PAYE can be very tricky and getting it wrong could cost you. We can take the filing arrangements off your hands and make life a little less cloudy. We can support a number of Payroll systems including Smart Payroll, Xero Payroll and others.

  • FBT Returns
    • What is FBT? Fringe benefit tax. If you’re an awesome employer and treat your employees to special perks, you’ll need us to take care of this as it can be a fiddly area. We help you work out the FBT impact of providing say that work car, or paying for that health insurance and will file your return online and advise you of any payments due.

  • Company Incorporation
    • We will set up your company and keep those company records maintained. We act as the registered office for many of our clients. Let’s take the stress away.

  • ACC
    • We can provide you with advice on what ACC options to choose plus we can take care of all your ACC matters such as invoices, reviewing correctness of classifications, levels of cover and if you should be on Coverplus Extra. Talk to us to make your ACC admin easy.

Check out The Extras

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