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Buying a business

If you've made your way to our Better Business Buying E-book, you're either hunting for a business or you've found one you'd like to buy. Congratulations on taking the first step and doing your homework first!

Accountants play an important role in the purchase of a business - they are the ones at the start and will be there with you till the end. So, it seemed fitting that we wrote an e-book to help you buy business better.

This 'How to' guide is packed full of good advice, covering many aspects of buying a business. Areas covered in this e-book include: Finding a business, Information Memorandum, Sales & Purchase agreement, Due diligence, Getting finance, Your first steps - PAYE, GST & Income Tax, From contract to settlement, Common Mistakes and FAQ's.

We hope you enjoy the book and the help it will provide you when buying your business.