Rental Property Accounting Services

We’ll maximise your claims and minimise your stress - how does that sound?

Managing a residential rental property or commercial; short-term AirBnB or long-term tenancy arrangement is difficult enough without having to worry about whether you have structured your assets properly, are claiming the right expenses, or are staying compliant. We have you covered.

Across our practice we look after landlords with thousands of rental properties, making us experts when it comes to tax advice for property investments.

The tax aspects of owning a rental property these days can be intimidating. From mixed-use tax rules, changes to interest deductions to loss ring-fencing and the Bright Line rules, there is lots to consider. We can give you comfort that you comply with the rules and that you are maximising the tax benefits on your property.


  • Structure your assets for maximum tax benefits.
  • Understand what you are entitled to claim against to reduce your end of year tax bill.
  • Ensure compliance with existing and new regulations such as the latest Ring Fencing rules.
  • Manage multiple rentals with less paperwork thanks to our Xero accounting software.

Other things we can do to help

Check out our services below and see how we can help you manage your rental property.

We know our stuff when it comes to tax and can help ensure you maximise your tax position. We can take care of your rental property and ensure you only pay what is required for tax. That means more money in your pocket.

We can prepare these efficiently and at any time during the year. We make sure the information contained in the financial statements is useful and meaningful to you. Plus, we can talk you through them without speaking ‘accountanese’. It’s important you understand what your financial statements are telling you and we like to meet with you each year to help you learn more.

Trusts involve complex issues which make quality expert advice essential both in relation to the establishment of the Trust but also in relation to its ongoing administration. The role of a Trustee can be extremely daunting for an untrained person and often complicated decisions need to be made.

By using us as a Professional Trustee we will advise you on the best way to preserve your assets such as a rental property, ensuring as much as possible will be received by the intended beneficiary(s) and is not lost to tax, divorce, or in settlements with creditors. We will act as an independent party helping to create a solution in difficult disputed situations.

Let us handle your GST. We will do all the administration, make sure you are on top of your payments, and keep the IRD from knocking. For those who wish to do their own returns, we can review before you file. This is a great way to keep cost down but leaves no room for mistakes. Worry less about this and do more of what you love…like fishing.

Excellent service and really appreciated the advice and help offered. Feeling well looked after. Thanks again Ingham Mora.

Matthew Johnson

“Not every accountant goes the extra mile and comes to you, but Tom does! Tom’s presence on site has been invaluable. Ingham Mora’s personalised, responsive and extremely supportive service was what we needed, so we could focus on the frontline aspects and have complete confidence that Tom and his team were making sure our I’s were dotted and t’s crossed. You couldn’t ask for a better service, nothing is an issue, even taking emails and texts at 10pm. Such a relief to have such a professional and supportive approach.”

Lauren & Keith
Tyre Works

Strategic, responsive and reasonably priced. Tom Beswick is our accountant and he is, by far, the best accountant we have dealt with. Highly recommend.

Isis Winter
Project Evolve

I have had the pleasure of dealing with Ingham Mora for the past twenty years and they are always super helpful. They also helped me when I started my own business in the year 2000.

Russ Hawkins
Fat Boy Charters