Personal Accounting Services

Our personal accounting services meet your needs, not ours.

Managing your own accounts can seem like a great idea, until you look up one day and realise you’re out of your depths and light years behind in your bookkeeping. What can you claim? Is your structure the best it can be? What about your investments?

We understand you want to hold your finances close, but this is one time where that do-it-yourself Kiwi attitude can prove costly. When you come to us for your personal accounting needs, you’ll enjoy peace of mind as our experienced team ensures you pay only the tax you need to and not a cent more.

Whether you’re looking to improve your knowledge of accounting software like XERO with our free support sessions, leave less money on the table at tax time, or need expert advice, we can help you free up more time to do the things you want.

Ways we can assist

  • Minimise your tax exposure and maximise tax efficiency.
  • Limit the stress as well as the amount of money left on the tax man’s table.
  • Provide specialised tax advice for investments including rentals, shares, and interest on savings.

Other ways we can help you

Our personal accounting services go beyond ‘counting beans’. Here’s how we can help you personally.

Financial Structure Advice

Do you know what financial structure you require? We know these like the back of our hand, so we will make sure you’re set up with the right structure whether it’s a company, Look Through Company (LTC), Partnership or Trust.

Financial Statement Preparation

We can quickly prepare financial statements at any time during the year, and ensure the information contained within is useful and meaningful to you. Plus, we can talk you through them without speaking ‘accountanese’. It’s important you understand what your financial statements are telling you and we like to meet with you each year to help you learn more.

Tax Returns

We know our stuff when it comes to tax and can help ensure you maximise your tax position. We can take care of your company, trust, partnership, individual returns and more.


We can take care of all your ACC matters including invoices, reviewing correctness of classifications, levels of cover, if you should be on Coverplus Extra, as well as which option is right for you. Talk to us to take the pain out of ACC admin.