Trust Act 2019 - What this means for you Webinar

on 26 November 2020 / by Ingham Mora

Trust Act 2019 - What this means for you Webinar recording

If you have a Trust, are you aware of the new Trusts legislation? It's essential that you understand your obligations as a Trustee to ensure your Trust remains compliant.

On Thursday 26 November, Ingham Mora teamed up with Harris Tate to host a complimentary webinar, 'New Trusts Act - What this means for you', where the presenters discussed:
* The Benefits of retaining Trusts
* Main changes under Trust Act 2019
* Disclosure of information to beneficiaries
* Default Duties of Trustees - time to vary trust deed?
* Problem Trust Solutions
* Updating wills

The webinar was presented by Jen Ruffley of Ingham Mora and Katrina Hulsebosch of Harris Tate.



For help with your trust or if you have any questions please contact:

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