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on 25 June 2018 / by Tom Beswick

How to avoid buying a leaky business

Due diligence. DD. You've probably seen those words somewhere on an accountants' website. DD is to buying a business what inspecting the roof and mois...


on 29-Oct-2018 / by Tom Beswick

3 Ways to Sell your Business for More

One thing I see from time to time when a client decides to sell their business is a surprised look when I tell them that sadly no, you won’t be sellin...


on 21-Sep-2018 / by Grant Neagle

Payday filing on its way

From 1 April 2019 employers will be required to file their employees’ payroll information with Inland Revenue in respect of every payday....


on 28 August 2019 / by Tom Beswick

Has anyone been cooking the books?

Part of buying a business involves dissecting what the financial figures the business broker provides are telling you. It is important to understand w...


on 29 October 2019 / by Tom Beswick

FAQ when buying a business

4 questions people commonly ask me when they buy a business. What is the business worth? What should I buy - the company or the assets? Why does it ...
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on 20 December 2019 / by Tom Beswick

One way to sell your business for more

Quite often when a vendor goes to sell a business they have had enough and want it sold in short order. The vendor assistance period (if any) is often...


on 13 January 2020 / by Tom Beswick

Minimise the risk

For many people buying a business is likely to be the riskiest thing they do in their life. There can be great rewards (not all just financial), but a...


on 10 February 2020 / by Tom Beswick

Fancy a piece of the pie?

Want a piece of the pie? I am seeing more businesses that are considering offering key employees a slice of the business. From the perspective of the...


on 20 February 2020 / by Ingham Mora

How to say no if you're a yes person!

According to Paul Graham, “We’ll increasingly be defined by what we say no to”. Being clear on your #Vision, #Goals and priorities makes it much easie...


on Thursday 19 March 2020 / by Ingham Mora

Understanding Your Statement of Cash Flows

The statement of cash flows, (also known as the cash flow statement), shows how your business has generated and used cash (and cash equivalents) withi...


on Thursday 16 April / by Ingham Mora

Business Continuity Planning

It is essential that every business has a plan for dealing with the fallout from this pandemic.  A plan will give you peace of mind and clarity for d...
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